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Opensource Gaming

Do you play tabletop RPGs? I have begun polishing and distributing my personally created tabletop gaming content as applicable under the OpenGamingLicense (As in you can freely modify, create, or redistribute the content.)

To view all of the available content I have up on the site check out Archives -> Opensource Gaming

This week’s release was only 1 item: Sangromancer Version 1 for d20 compatible systems.

Happy gaming!



Night Terrors, a tale of insomnia and woe will be publicly available on the site starting Wed, June 7th.

Also starting Sat, June 10th is the weekly installations of “Hacking Amsterdam” so be sure to check that out if you enjoy dystopian cyberpunk adventures in space. That’s all I’m going to spoil for now 😉

See you soon!


New work coming

I will have a new work being published on here soon. Check back for it!

20th of February 2017 – Honest Update

I know I missed the last one, but here’s this one of my current WIP.

28% Complete
2,816 of 10,000 words

2-8-2017 Honest Update

An honest no excuses allowed update on my current progress of whatever it is I am working on.

Codename : Mech1
Status: 1st Draft

15% Complete
1,500 of 10,000 words

Next update is on 2/15

Writing Groups

I have found an amazing writing group and have attended a workshop that they hosted. It really helped me fine tune some of the issues I was having with my writing. I can’t wait to see what other feedback they’ll be able to provide me as I work on my current projects. Who knows, I might actually be able to finish one before the next idea consumes me.

Erotic Non-Erotica

The writing of events as erotica even though it is not erotica has lately become a rather humorous past time of mine. While I won’t write erotica in the foreseeable future it is still a delight. 


For the foreseeable future comments have been disabled for the entire site. If you wish to contact me, you may do so by using the Contact page.

Observations on the short story


For me, the short story has always been the champion when it comes to the telling of certain types of stories. It just feels that they fit the format so much better than they do in a longer form such as novelization. Horror first comes to mind, second is my love, the ‘steampunk’. (If you didn’t know this, then perhaps you’ve come to the wrong author…)


New Year; New Site

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the hiatus, friends. It would appear that somehow my site got corrupted and I had to start all over again. I have made some significant changes and one of them is that for the moment no new users can register until I can get some strong anti-spam tools installed. So I guess for now this is a new year with a new site.

I have also started using WriteTrack (writetrack.davidsgale.com) to track the progress on my writing as tobiasgray so if you use that service you can send me a friend request so we can keep up with each other!

I hope to make this the year of writing for me and will be undoubtedly full of grand adventure. I have several short stories I can’t wait to share with you and I am also currently in the process of helping co-author a book.

Happy new year!