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Hacking Amsterdam


Hacking Amsterdam is an attempt to revive one of my favorite types of literature and that is the serial. Think of the ye olde Penny Dreadfuls, short snappy stories that are all part of greater narrative that you get to enjoy in very small and easily consumed bite-sized pieces. In this way word count is very strict, while in longer works we might be able to slip past or fall short of our intended word count with these it’s usually very concrete right from the word go.

These can be wonderful warm up exercises for writers or for readers who don’t have a lot of time on their hands but enjoy new content in the story and enjoy looking forwarding to the next installment.

I invite you, dear reader to take part in such a tale now, a tale of futuristic and dystopian delights. I welcome you aboard the U.S.S Amsterdam, a vessel that was supposed to be the salvation of mankind but might prove to be its undoing.

— Tobias Gray

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