A secret writing lab of a madman.

Hacking Amsterdam 1

I wake with a start. My heart is beating abnormally fast, my head is clouded and I can’t figure out where I am. I stumble forward, tripping over the edge of the support pod, I crash to the metal floor with a thunderous noise. In the process various IV lines and sensor cables pulled free. The entire experience isn’t very pleasant. I gasp for air as my lungs which have been in stasis begin to work again. Alarms are going off. There was something important…something I need to remember.

I stand on legs that feel weak and rubbery and my stomach lurches but all I get are dry heaves. Of course I would not be able to throw up, I haven’t eaten anything in weeks. I glance at the computer monitor, I’m the only one that has been woken up by the emergency response program. The system is alerting the entire ship to the approaching of a planet that wasn’t on the maps. I reach for a towel and dry myself off, the stasis liquid has a terrible odor to it.

I reach the control panel and begin typing in commands that I think I know from memory, or at least I’m hoping I do, I’m still very disoriented. The machines quiet and the computer adjusts course. In the viewscreen I see a large black looking planet ahead of us, we begin to pull into a different direction away from it. Crisis averted. I lean back in the seat with a sigh. My name tag reads “Claire, Technical Operations” Apparently my name is Claire. I look at the computer screen. The computer wasn’t supposed to wake me up for another week but since I was already awake I might as well stay that way.

I tap a few keys and adjust the natural gravity and life support systems, turning them all on. I would hate to walk into a room and realize there is no air. A soft hiss echoed through the vessel as air and pressure was applied to every space. Instead of feeling lighter than usual I settled back into the same gravity we have on Earth. I tap a few more keys and the computer begins to run diagnostics of the other crew members. Hopefully nobody only partially awakened. They could easily drown in their pod if they aren’t woke up in the right steps.

I slip on a communication device that looks a bit like a watch, but is actually very sophisticated and allows me to verbally boss around the ship’s computer. I take a moment to observe the diagrams of the ship that were on display as it woke up every area. The U.S.S Amsterdam, the premier vessel and the first of thousands of its kind made to journey us all to the deepest reaches of space.