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Vacation! Is! Over!

As fall is now in full swing I turn my attention to the projects I would like to have finished in time for the spring and summer publishing season. I’ve been on a week long vacation taking the time to get the creative juices flowing and starting up a lot of new Works-In-Progress, but I […]

Hacking Amsterdam update

Due to unforeseen issues, largely with time management on my part, “Hacking Amsterdam” will be delayed, but worry not. It will be out soon and I will make another announcement when we get closer.  Thanks! -tg

Writing Groups

I have found an amazing writing group and have attended a workshop that they hosted. It really helped me fine tune some of the issues I was having with my writing. I can’t wait to see what other feedback they’ll be able to provide me as I work on my current projects. Who knows, I […]

Observations on the short story

Essence For me, the short story has always been the champion when it comes to the telling of certain types of stories. It just feels that they fit the format so much better than they do in a longer form such as novelization. Horror first comes to mind, second is my love, the ‘steampunk’. (If […]