A secret writing lab of a madman.


This page will show all of my current Works-In-Progress (WIP) as well as things that are off for editing or will be coming out very soon. This page will be constantly updated to show new things like cover images and more. Be sure to check back frequently as this page is updated every single saturday whether much progress has been made or not.

Ghost Story

10% Complete
1,000 of 10,000

Just as a rose has its thorns so do houses have secrets.

Small Town Project

Total Progress

2% Complete
2,197 of 100,000

Part 1

11% Complete
2,197 of 20,000

A series of short stories involving local Michigan locations. Volume 1 of hopefully many.

Urban Fantasy Project

0% Complete
210 of 90,000 words

There is strangeness abound in this little town…